Utilizing automated software for purchasing sneakers or event tickets requires additional resources like reselling cook-groups, proxies, and specialized tools. These resources enhance efficiency, provide insights and strategies, mask IP addresses, and circumvent hurdles, optimizing chances of success in the competitive market.


Reselling cook-groups provide valuable insights, strategies, and up-to-date information on releases, helping users stay ahead in the game.

Splash Pings - All in one cook group for sneakers, tickets, and more


Splash Pings is a premium All-in-One reselling cook-group that caters to beginners.


Proxies serve as essential tools for masking IP addresses, preventing detection, and increasing the chances of successful transactions.

Viking Proxies - Nike and Ticketmaster account proxies

Viking Proxies

Viking Proxies offers specialized private ISP proxies for various retailers.


Other supplementary tools may include proxy testers or account management, assisting in circumventing potential hurdles during the purchasing process.

AYCD - Nike account toolbox


Software designed to help you maximize your productivity, efficiency, and profit.


To ensure flawless functionality and overcome verification challenges, bots often rely on captcha provider services for seamless operation.

2 Captcha - Solving service for various automated software and accounts

2 Captcha

2Captcha provides low prices and high accuracy for your CAPTCHAs.

Other Resources

Here are a selection of our preferred and highly effective resources for achieving success in the competitive field

Discord server

We’re excited to announce the recent launch of our brand new Discord server.

Specifically created to offer outstanding support for Nike, Confirmed, and Ticketmaster accounts. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed about the latest releases and receive expert assistance from our team of seasoned professionals.


Are you having trouble securing multiple checkouts on Nike SNKRS release?

We’ve got you covered! Our team of experts can hand craft alternative shipping addresses for you. Our J1Gs are unique and customized specifically for your preferred address. Let us help you succeed in securing those must-have sneakers today!